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Pizza Express Orange Wednesday Deal (HOORAY)

So usually Pizza Express would be out of our price range. However, if you’re free on a Wednesday and are on the phone network Orange or have a friend who is, text (or get your friend to) Film to 241.

Then you’ll receive a voucher code and head to Pizza Express.You can now get 2 pizzas and 2 dough ball starters for the price of one pizza and one dough balls. if you choose the pizza carefully you’ll come in at £10, otherwise live a little and spend £6 each.


Know any other good deals? Let us know!


McDonalds Review: There’s one on nearly every street in London

Name: McDonalds

Type: American Fast Food

Location: Most places in London, I particularly like the branch at Victoria train station

Rating: £££

There are some things in life we’re scared of saying. It could be telling someone you like how you really feel, admitting when a hobby has become a problem or telling a friend what they don’t want to hear. However, once you’ve said it you will feel better and that’s why I’m ready to admit it, admit a passion for something that so many people openly hate and slag off. Yes, I like McDonalds.Yes, I love McDonalds.

I like nearly everything about it. I like the fast service, the crispy fries, the multitude of sauces on offer (especially the restaurants that have TOMATO KETCHUP ON TAP), the variety of options and the exciting additions they have sometimes like onion rings or mozzarella dippers. But most of all I love the price, a regular chicken nugget meal costs £3.99. Upgrade to large and you’ve spent just over £4 AND  if you’re a student show you’re student id and you’ll get a free cheeseburger, hamburger, mcflurry or regular fries for free.

Maybe it isn’t the most exciting option or the most healthy but if you want to go for some cheap tasty food where you know what to expect, McDonalds gets my vote.