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Pizza Hut, Piccadilly Circus

Type: Wannabe Italian

Where: Pretty much everywhere, but my favourite is opposite Piccadilly Circus.

Nearest Tube: Read above.

Price: It’s not that cheap so if you’ve got one BRING A FRIEND.


Lets get one thing straight, each one of us enjoys a lunchtime Pizza Hut buffet as much as the next. However, unless you’re under the age of twelve, or have some painting of you looking majorly decrepit stored away in your attic, this can cost you up to £6.99 excluding drink! We all know you can get the all you can eat salad bar for £4.99, but unless you’re having a rexi day no one should choose this option (though kudos must go to PH who have recently revamped their salad bar).

Get a friend. If you don’t have one get a family member. Londonfood4afiver do not endorse meeting friends on the internet. Get the tube to Piccadilly Circus, cross over the road and get a comfy little booth in everyone’s favourite pseudo-Italian chain. Order tap water. If you’re nifty – like me – you’ll have a little vial of squash around your neck to jazz it up a bit. 

Order a large Margerita between two (£9.49). If you’ve got a spare 49p you guyses can upgrade to either a large Hawaiian or Farmhouse – thats ham and mushroom to those not au fait with the PH lingo – (£10.49). If you haven’t managed to nab yourself a friend yet take half home and have it for breakfast.

Everyone knows that PH pizzas are greasy and cheesy and scrumptious. What makes Piccadilly Circus PH stand out is it’s staff (look out for dreamboat Coby) – so far me and Katy have been given a free cookie dough desert and a free salad bar. Print off masks of our faces and you too may be as lucky.

Gourmet this ain’t – but that’s not going to stop me going back time and time again.


Gate Review at Newington Green, Hackney

Name: The Gate

Type: A wide selection of cafe food from traditional breakfasts to jacket potatoes to pasta to steak etc.

Where: The Gate, 11 Albion Rd, Newington Green

Nearest tube: Actually an overground- Canonbury. Quite near Angel so you an get a 73/341/476 bus from here straight to its door if you’re feeling lazy.

Price: All the breakfats are under £5, other menu items are also good value.

Rating: ££££

While most weekday mornings are filled with running for buses, getting squashed on tubes, eventually arriving late for work and then spending the next four hours working out what you’re going to have for lunch, weekends are suited to actually eating breakfast.

Stepping up to the plate is The Gate which offers a range of breakfasts for just below our favourite price (£5 btw) and the friendy waitresses are also happy to let you drink tap water without the frown that usually comes with such a request.

Choose from eggs benedict, the big breakfast, veggie breakfast, omelette etc.

While it isn’t a grand fine cuisine restaurant, it offers tasty quality food at prices you might expect in a builder filled greasy spoon. The interior is informal and comfy- the seats even have cushions. Newspapers are available too for you to mull over as you try and finish the large portions.

Most importantly, the waitresses are open to substitutions so you can actually swap any item for another item. I opted to replace my pet hate sluggy mushrooms for extra bacon, while others swapped a rather ordinary grilled tomato for grilled halloumi. This feature means you can pretty much create the perfect breakfast.

Quotes from breakfast companions include:

“the best damn breakfast this side of London'” Luke Strachan