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The stall on the left, Exmouth Market

Type: Indian
Where: Exmouth Market
Nearest Tube: Angel
Price: FIVER
Rating: ££££

Its been too long guys. We’ve been bad. After the video the fame got to us  and we got distracted from our purpose in life (that’s finding food for five pounds or less in the capital).


Kicking off the reviews is a lunchtime option in Exmouth Market. While we usually strive for places where you can sit in and eat your meal for a fiver Exmouth Market does have some outdoor benches so we’re bending the rules a bit. Note: sometimes drunk homeless men sit on these benches with you, we think it just adds to the experience.

Anyway this stall has no name but it is one of the two Indian food stall in Exmouth Market. It is the one that looks a bit more authentic and less polished. It is the one that sometimes has a smaller queue than the other (promising sign).

However for £5 you get their special of every dish they make in one large dish so that’s chicken tikka, chicken and spinach curry, dahl, vegetable curry, samosa, lamb kebab, pilau rice AND bread AND a bottle of water. It also all tastes really good. Go now.