GUEST POST: How to get lunch for the week for £5

In a previous post Anna voiced a problem a lot of us have:

“I’m a student and I don’t have enough money to spend £5 on lunch everyday, anyway to get this stuff out for even cheaper or is that pushing it?”

LUCKILY, the creator of Look what I found! The place to share your vintage and second hand finds Harriet Thurley has stepped in to show you how to get 5 days (that’s a working week FYI) worth of lunches for £5 in total (no word of a lie). And you can trust her since she’s so cheap she only wears secondhand clothes.

Here is her how to:

I’ve never met The Sandwich Man. He lurks in the depths of a warehouse off Exmouth Market. I think of him as a great pal, a Samaritan even, an inspiration. Why? You won’t believe me when I tell you: he gives me lunch for an entire working week for under a fiver!

Five fresh, delicious sandwiches from Monday to Friday at 90p a pop. They’re cheaper than the cover price as these sandwiches are part of the Sandwich Man’s catering empire. He delivers his baked creations to people with jobs in offices at higher prices and the ones they reject get delivered back to his warehouse where the unemployed can get them for discount prices.

Here’s what was on my menu last week:

Monday – Bacon and brie baguette (90p)

Tuesday – Pasta arrabatia (they even heat it up for you) (£1.50)

Wednesday – Cheese and pickle roll (50p)

Thursday – Wensleydale cheese and chutney roll (90p)

Friday – Houmous, tuna and pepper baguette (90p)

Total – £4.70, so I can even treat myself to a 50p can of fizzy pop on a Friday (if I find 20p on the floor).

This isn’t the extent of the goods on offer, though. Get pasta (heated, optional), hot jacket potatoes (cold, optional, but gross), curries, noodles and pastries too. (NB. Some of these may set you back £1.50!)

The Sandwich Man has kept me fed and watered while I’ve been a short-of-cash student. For that, I am eternally grateful.

His location is top secret (bar the tiny hint above). I’ll leave you to hunt him out for yourself. Go on, smell him out.

Rating: £££££

So there you have it, cheap cheap lunches. particulary handy for students of City University but worth hunting out for all.


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