Aone Review, opposite Angel underground

Type: Indianish/Vegetarian

Where: Opposite Angel underground. Durr.

Nearest Tube: Angel

Price: £4.95 for all you can eat.

Rating: £, and if I knew how to subtract that by half of a £ I certainly would.

Lets get one thing straight, Katy and I have walked past vegetarian buffet Aone everyday for the last nine months, and have got repulsion quivers each time. Mounds of unappetizing tofu and noodles, anaemic crayfish and wilting salad leaves in platters sit by the window in an attempt to lure in custom. The place is unarguably cheap – a mere £3.95 if you want to take your buffet back to the office with you –  but naturally this means the food quality suffers.

One day Katy and I didn’t feel like a Pret soup, a M&S falafel wrap, or a slice of pizza from the overpriced City canteen and we knew what we had to do. OH how we suffer for this god awful site. As we trekked up to Aone, the only thing surpassing the feeling of hunger was the feeling of dread for the food that awaited us.

We went in, ordered the buffet and a tap water (or as we call it ‘old faithful’) got our plates and piled them sky high. The amount on our plates was not due to the scrumptious look of the food, but to increase our chances of likely at least one thing.

This was a successful ploy as the teeny-weeny vegetarian spring rolls were passable. Unfortunately a couple of mine became contaminated by the earthy juice from a Quorn dish, so they had to be left. They also had some deceptively looking crispy potatoes which I stocked up on, as the rest was nothing short of atrocious.

Ludicrously watery sauces, oil laden rices and noodle and questionable meat substitutes are giving me repulsion quivers – purely from recollection. Things were either remarkably unflavoursome, or had this bizarre unfamilar after taste, that I imagine is similar to that of chewing on grass and soil. Perhaps Aone should market their buffet towards animals that chew the cud.

A couple of spring rolls and an unnecessary service charge later we left, stocking up on stack-a-jacks and milky way magic rolls on the way back to uni.



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Emily on April 5, 2011 at 11:49 am

    I don’t think this is the same Indian all you can eat I have been to, as there were no meat substitutes there (HATE TOFU, hate fake meat contaminates) and it was actually good. the one I like is on Chapel Market. can we have a date there to restore your faith?


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