Saffron Restaurant Review, Brick Lane

Name: Saffron
Type: Indian
Where: 53 Brick Lane
Nearest Tube: Liverpool Street Tube
Price: All depends on your haggling skill we got a meal for two that should of cost £16 down to £10 (THAT’S £5 EACH BTW)
Rating: ££££


Since a curry happens to be the nation’s favourite dish, we thought it was about time we found somewhere that offered a cheap and hopefully non food poisoning one.

While London poses several problems for us on our quest to find food under £5 that people actually want to eat, Brick Lane is one of the helps it offers us. Brick lane offers a lane of (you guessed it) Indian restaurants. All in one place it’s ideal if you know what type of food you want (and it’s Indian). It is also ideal if you’re looking for a bargain. The c0mpetition is so fierce between the different restaurants that bargaining is easy and essential.

By glancing a menu and then walking on, a waiter will most likely head out of the restaurant and try to strike a deal with you. Stay firm and push for as much as you can get. If they straight up offer a 10% discount ask for 25% off and a bottle of wine. You have nothing to lose, the next restaurant is two steps away.

Thanks to some charm and the above technique, we managed to blag two rogan josh, one pilau rice, one naan and two poppadums for a grand total of £10. When divided between the two of us this reached an ideal fiver.

The poppadums were as yu’d expect and came with a cariety of dips. The lamb rogan josh had a good balance of tomato and spice while the meat was tender. Hearty or tasty describe it well, I’m informed the chicken version was also well above average.

Any problems? There was no butter on the naan. May be personal preference though. Its also the type of restaurant where waiters constantly check your ok which some may enjoy, but I find a bit claustrophobic.

Conclusion: a filling tasty meal that is a totz bargain at £5 each.



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