Cafe 338 Review, Bethnal Green (Joe Brothwell)

Name: Café 338
Type: Greasy Spoon
Where: Bethnal Green Road
Nearest Tube: Um, Can’t you read, Bethnal Green
Price: Big breakfasts start at about £3.50, but with the option of create your own you could spend up to £6 – or more if you’re greedy.
Rating: ££££

Café 338 is a personal favourite of mine because of it’s convenient location (it’s near my house, but don’t bother trying to track me down as I’m a crazy who carries around mace – not a good combo for you), cheap prices, large portions and ridiculously cute owner. Don’t expect gourmet fodder here, but 338’s selection of fry-ups and traditional greasy spoon grub (think jacket potatoes, omelettes and paninis) is perfect for hungover Saturday afternoons, and lazy Sunday mornings.

As a pseudo-vegetarian (I only say that to maintain the illusion that I’m ethical and a little bit skinny) the set menus (which are much cheaper than creating your own) are more than adequate. I had  – if you can’t be bothered to read the next few words just look at the photo below – the ‘light breakfast’ (two poached eggs, brown toast, tomatoes, mushrooms and coffee) with extra hash browns. It came to £5.20 but fortunately for ol’ Joe a clumsy charity collector was a bit too swing happy with the collection bucket and unknowingly deposited 70p into the Joe Brothwell breakfast fund. If you are unwilling to go over your five pound limit intimidating young children, old people and people that look vulnerable is an excellent way to get enough for an extra bacon rasher or glass of orange juice.

Having traipsed around countless cafes and brunch-appropriate eateries in the East end, in my opinion Café 338 is the best value for money and the food is consistent. Unfortunately the café is also pretty small so going at peak times (think weekend mornings) can result in a bit of a wait. STOP READING THIS NOW, GET UP OFF YOUR ASS AND SEE WHAT ALL THE FUSS S ABOUT.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Nadim on February 10, 2011 at 11:45 am

    I’ve been here!

    It’s so tasty. Am sure to take on any future recommendations. UPDATE PLEASE!


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