Ben and Jerry Review at Vue Cinemas Islington (Katy Balls)

Name: Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Counter

Type: Ice Cream

Where: Most Vue Cinemas, at the Islingtion branch for sure

Nearest tube: Angel

Price: £4.70 for a medium core sundae

Rating: £££

It turns out that it is quite hard to find a place in London where you can get two courses for a fiver. This might suggest that puddings are not an option for the thrifty eater. However, they very much are on the menu so long as you can find a dessert with so much sugar, gu and fat that a sick full feeling  takes you over after causing you to completely forget you didn’t have a main.

This Core Sundae from the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream counters for £4.70 has exactly this effect. Choose two types of ice cream from a range including Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Baked Alaska, Phish Food and Chunky Monkey. Then choose between hot chocolate fudge or toffee sauce which is heaped into the core of the sundae. A dashing of cream follows and you then face your final choice (the most important yet)- what animal shaped chocolate to choose?

In simple terms this isvery good. A combination of all things sweet, it is definitely doing sugar to the excess. Maybe be careful what film you watch it with (if you do). I chose to eat it during Black Swan- a tale of a Bulimic Ballerina– which made the slightly nauseous full feeling I had after devouring it a tad more uncomfortable than it needed to be.


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