Leon Review at Southwark- TAKE TWO (Katy Balls)

For those of you that don’t have either this blog, my twitter account or facebook profile as your homepage (if not, one question- why?), a few weeks ago I gave the London food chain Leon a pretty bad review and thanks to the power of multi platform social media the actual owner of Leon came across the post.

While this could have been the likely start of a crime watch story, the founder Henry Dimbleby handled the insults well and offered to take myself and a friend -who was also turned off Leon- for dinner to change our minds.

Now I am aware that the following food reviewed did not cost me a fiver (instead nothing) and would cost you more. So perhaps take this as

(a) a lesson that one way of getting value for money food is to complain when you’re not happy(start a blog).

(b)more simply pick something you like from below and hope for the best that that one item is under £5.

(c) tweet @Henry_Leon with your tragic tale and cross your fingers.

Back on that dark January day when I had my gross Leon experience of a gherkin and cabbage filled wrap with little chicken and what there was of it pink, I made a promise not to go back. However, like most promises I make I broke this and found myself spending wednesday evening being something of a sell out drinking free wine and sampling everything Leon has to offer.

Henry ordered a range of the food for us to sample and this included halloumi, chorizo, meatballs, chilli chicken, rice, brocoli, sweet potato mash, olives, houmous, pork wrap, chilli chicken and jambalaya. Most importantly, the wrap was MUCH IMPROVED-  no longer did I want to vomit as soon as it entered my mouth, I even approaching liked it. To ensure your wrap is always like wednesday night’s and not my previous disasters I say tell your server you’re reviewing them.


In general everything we ate was of a good standard and I find it hard (though this pains me a tad) to come up with too many catty comments. All the food is healthy in the sense that it is low in salt and fats etc tough the calories itself varies which is a good approach to healthy eating. The meatballs are pretty nice and Henry reccomended these as a hangover food, I can see how this would work.

At one point I pointed out that the mackeral salad on the menu wouldn’t really act as a fulfilling meal and Henry then ordered me one. Now while it was good, it didn’t really prove me wrong as most times I have lunch it isn’t preceded by a meal consisting of over 8 courses.

Desserts too are lush and large portions.

In conclusion LEON is a worthy meal choice and though it has its off days the company is willing to accept this and try harder. Plus if you have a bad experience? A free meal could beckon*

* Note- Leon will see through thinly veiled attempts to get free meals (probs)


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